How To Disguise Your Absence While On Holiday

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Home security while on vacation is a thought that crosses everyone’s mind when they are getting ready to leave their house empty for an extended period of time. The time when people’s houses are burglarized most often is when they are away from home for a long time, and burglars know that they won’t be returning home any time soon. But, with a few tips about home security for when you’re on vacation, you can have peace of mind when going out of town.
Stop the mail/newspaper – The first thing to do when getting home security ready when planning a vacation is to have the post office hold your mail and making sure to stop your newspaper. It is best not to tell the people you speak to that you’ll be out of town, just say that you’re going to be busy.

Turn down your phone/answering machine – With the sounds modern phones and answering machines make, it is easy to hear a phone ring when standing outside a home. For home security reasons, it is best to turn the phone down, as well as the answering machine while you are on vacation so people walking past can’t hear it, and even get the idea in their head that you’re gone.
Timed electronics – Buying a timer for your electronics is a good home security measure if you’re going to be on vacation. You set the timer, and when it reaches the time you’ve chosen, any electronic devices plugged into it will go on, so that anyone watching the house will assume someone is home at that time.
Notify the police/home security provider – If you have a home security provider, make sure to notify them that you are going to be on vacation. If you’re going to be gone for longer than a week, notify the police, who will keep that in mind and possibly drive by your home if in the area.
Hire a house sitter – While this seems unnecessary if you’ve got neighbors watching your home while you’re on vacation, it is still a good home security idea. Neighbors can’t watch your home all the time, and if someone is living in that house, it will be very unattractive to thieves.
Lock everything up – When leaving for vacation, make sure that every door and window is locked tightly. This will keep burglars from just slipping in and taking what they want.Set your alarm – If you have an alarm system for home security, don’t forget to arm it before you go on vacation. If you need to, make a list of things you need to do before leaving the house the day you leave for your trip, so that you make sure to set the alarm.

Experts in home security say that the key to keeping your home secure while on vacation is simply to make your home the least appealing target on your block. Following the tips above, you can easily make your house harder to break into, and give yourself peace of mind on your vacation that you have taken all the precautions for home security.

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