CCTV Cameras Now Give You Control Over Your Own Security For Your Home, Business And Family From The “Palm Of Your Hand”. 

Are You Concerned About Choosing The Right Cameras To Suit Your CCTV Security Needs?

Does The Many CCTV Camera Options Out In The Market Sometimes Make You Feel A Bit Overwhelmed? Do You Get Put Off By All The Technical Jargon ?

If So, then why not have Astron help you choose the cctv cameras to suit your needs and budget. With over (25) twenty five years of experience in the cctv industry you can be assured we WILL find a cctv camera solution to suit your every need!

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Astron Security stocks a wide range of cctv camera brands from entry level to high end, to the likes of Dahua, Hikvision, Panasonic, Samsung and Bosch. Each security solution is unique and depends on your application we have a brand and model to suit your needs.

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By comparing our different deals from the likes of (1) One CCTV Camera to a (4) Four, (8) Eight and (16) Sixteen CCTV Camera Systems, Astron Security SA has the most comprehensive selection of Cameras on the market. At Astron Security, we pride ourselves on offering customers the very best CCTV Cameras deals. From refurbished Domes Cameras to (DVR) Digital Video Recorders, Astron Security ensures that every Camera, DVR – in every colour, style, size and technical spec – is at the lowest possible price.

All our CCTV Camera Systems can be linked to the internet and viewed from a Laptop,Computer or Smart-Phone.

High Definition CCTV Cameras:

Astron SA is now able to offer our customers HDCVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface) , a NEW CCTV Camera Technology for existing analogue installations. For the existing analogue installation, this will mean a seamless switch over using the current analogue cable infrastructure to move over to high definition video.

HDCVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface) is an over-coaxial-cable analogue HD video transmission standard. The technology renders two HD video formats = 1920H (1920 x 1080) & 1280H (1280 x 720) by progressive scanning.

IP CCTV Cameras:

In today’s technology driven world, almost everything is connected by the Internet Protocol, more commonly known as IP. When you draw cash from an ATM, help your child research a school project, check the news and weather or simply just make a phone call, you are more than likely using IP, and now we are seeing this more and more in the world of video surveillance. IP based systems are predicted to become the dominant technology used in Video Surveillance in the near future thanks to some of the significant benefits they provide such as:

  • Higher resolutions, many times that of Analogue systems with cameras promising pictures in the high megapixel range. This gives IP Surveillance systems the ability to provide far greater detail than even the best high definition televisions. The key benefit of this is the ability to zoom in digitally on both live and recorded footage. Higher resolution can also help to reduce the number of cameras required.
  • Integration with other systems such as fire and access control is made easier and tighter.
  • There are far more options available for wireless video transmission thanks to the use if industry standard technologies such as WiFi.

An IP Video Surveillance System consists of one or more IP (or Network) cameras, connected to an IP network infrastructure, with recording, viewing and analytics performed on either an embedded Network Video Recorder (NVR) or on a PC with Video Management System software (sometimes called a PC based NVR).

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