Astron Dealers

Astron Dealers

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Astron South Africa has been so successful as a result of choosing partners and branch managers that reflect our core values. Obviously we also choose partners who have access to financial resources, and who are prepared to put in the long hours that the security industry demands.

If you are interested in purchasing a dealership, it is recommended that you read the areas of this section, which will give you further insight into the potential purchasing of a Astron Dealership

Ideal Dealer profile 

Our selection of prospective candidates is based on:

  • Overall business experience
  • Background and personal qualifications
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively motivate and manage people
  • Good common business sense
  • A track record of success in whatever they are doing
  • Confidence in making a business of this nature a major success
  • Willingness to participate in a comprehensive training programme.

In addition to this, we would look for: 

A proven knowledge of the security industry or the ability to find a branch manager who could manage this side of the business. The branch manager is a vital person and the success of the dealership is often dependent on this person. It is for this reason that we encourage the dealer principals to create a system for eventual part ownership by the branch manager (proved through performance plus a personal financial contribution).

  • A strong desire to succeed and willingness to work hard for long hours
  • The willingness to participate in a comprehensive training programme
  • A willingness to personally devote full-time and best effort to the day-today operations of the workshop
  • A strong and successful background with emphasis on interpersonal skills and financial management.

The initial cost of a dealership may vary depending on the area in the country. This fee will include the following;


Cape Town (1 Branch) Pretoria
Gauteng Vaal Triangle
Durban Pietermaritzburg

Rights to the Astron Brands

Exposure to tried and tested sales techniques Assistance with Branch Setup
Website Exposure Exposure to our National recruitment
Astron mailing address Exposure to our National Call Centre
Exposure to National Marketing  


Training of Dealers

During this 2 – 4 week period the salary of the trainees must be taken care of by the Dealer. If our trainer needs to come to your branches flights and accommodation must also be taken care of by the dealer.

The following will be covered:

  • Processing of service agreements
  • Booking in customers
  • Telephone manner
  • Customer liaison
  • Debtors Control
  • Completing the service agreements
  • Security assessments of homes and business.
  • Direct Sales and techniques
  • Chubb Services
  • Security devices and external protection
  • Accurate and profitable quoting
  • Selling to the client in order to gain approval
  • Client payment
  • Management of the branch – finances, staff morale,
  • Relationship and reporting to the Dealer principal (if not owner managed)

The Principal would need to be trained on all the secretarial and managerial functions in addition to:

  • Administrative requirements prior to opening the branch (phone lines, speed points, bank accounts, VAT registration, Pastel)
  • Astron South Africa procedures and standards
  • Chubb authorised dealer procedures and standards
  • Financial controls (month end, Vat payments, banking, SARS payments)
  • Staff management (staff warnings, loans, performance assessments; wage/salary contracts, payroll)
  • Astron Head Office communication and visits; annual conference and regular dealer meetings.

We also offer finance options on all our security products.T&C's 

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