Changing Locks When You Move In- Part 2

When you buy your own home the decision and responsibility are all yours. Deadbolt locks such as tubular locks and mortise locks require different types of holes to be drilled in the door. Changing locks or rekeying is important and the choice is up to you. Trying to re-drill holes in a door for a different lock type may look bad and compromise the integrity of the door. If several exterior doors have been keyed to take the same key it is usually more convenient to have a locksmith rekey the locks.
Changing locks is essential to your home’s security no matter where you move. You do not need the extra worry of wondering if the previous owner’s cousin or neighbor has a key to your house, or if the different sub-contractors, realtors, friends or relatives can let themselves into your home. Changing locks or rekeying of locks by a local locksmith will ensure your safety, security, and privacy.

The most important areas to secure are the exterior doors, the door connecting the garage to the house, and the “garage man” door, which leads from the outside into the garage. There are several reasons why this is such an important thing to address when moving into a new place:
Are the old locks any good? They may be old, rusty, or poor quality. They may have been jimmied, picked, or broken into. You can’t be sure about their integrity, so maximize your own security by selecting and installing the locks of your choice.

Who has the keys? Sure, you could rekey a lock if you suspect the keys are floating around out there, but for a little more you could have a brand new lock, one with superior security features to those currently on the doors.

Will the installation of the old locks hold up over time? The door jamb could be weak or warped, the strike plate screws may be too short, the alignment of the housing mechanism and strike plate could be off. And if the old lock set is really bad or so poorly installed that a new one can’t fit properly into the holes that are there, you may have to spring for a brand new door as well. Yes, it’s another added expense, but once again–do you want to be frugal when it comes to safety?

What if the old locks are key controlled? This is actually a good thing, but since you can’t easily make copies of the original keys, you’d probably have to rekey the whole thing. And at that point, you might as well just install a new lock set. Consult with a qualified locksmith or the local police department for recommendations when you move into your new place.

Be Safe !

AstronSA Team 


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