Best Door Locks for Your Home

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Burglars select the easiest target and will simply move on to the next house if confronted with a quality deadbolt. A high quality deadbolt serves as a deterrent. Thieves also look for outside entryways that offer the least chance of being seen.

Rear entry doors and doors between attached garages and the home should have the same quality door lock as the front door. These locations often provide cover for the intruder and they should not be overlooked as secondary to the main entrance.

Burglars get around your door lock using several methods:
Pry open doors
Kick in doors
Pry off the lock with pliers or a pipe wrench
Spread apart the door frame with a spreader bar
Hammer off the lock
Pick the lock
Drill out the lock with a power drill
Break glass and reach in to unlock the door
The door was left unlocked
A key was obtained from a friend or neighbor
A key was hidden outside the house
When deciding what grade of door lock is best, people turn to experts like local building departments, insurance companies and locksmiths. Many people would assume that, like most parts of their home’s construction, the local building department will have regulations dictating minimum standards for quality and security of exterior locks.
Surprisingly, most local building codes not only do not set standards for minimum quality, they do not even require a lock on exterior doors.

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These security tips are only guidelines and should not be considered as your only form of crime prevention.